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Photo of Old Burying Ground
by Dr. Davis Ross
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Welcome to the Harrington Park Historical Society - we are glad you are visiting with us on our website!  Please browse around our website to learn more about us and what we do.

We hope you will join us for our ten lecture series on various history subjects that range from local to the far away on interesting historical topics. We meet the first Monday of every month, except July and August, in the Harrington Park Public Library, 2nd floor, at 7:30 P.M.

Typically our meetings include a top notch speaker, question and answer segment, followed by a reception where you can greet our guest and enjoy some refreshment.  Our lecture series is open to everyone and we do not charge a fee to attend.

In addition to our lectures the Society maintains and preserves two historic cemeteries in Harrington Park, namely; the Perry Cemetery, and the Old Burying Ground.  The Perry Cemetery is a small family burial ground located on what was the farm of David Perry (1809-1871). The Old Burying Ground cemetery is part of the land apportioned to Garret Huybertsen Blauvelt, son of one of the original sixteen grantees of the Tappan Patent approved by the Governor of New York in 1686. Although there are believed to be earlier ones, the first known burial was in 1722 and the last in 1905.
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Old Burying Ground
Photo by Dr. Davis Ross

Sept 13, 2021 - 7:30 P.M.

Speaker:    Charles Dewey, Author, Historical Interpreter Fort Lee Historic Park
Topic:        “Alexander Clough: Forgotten Patriot Spymaster

Television series and popular books such as TURN: Washington’s Spies and Alexander Rose’s Washington’s Spies: The Story of America’s First Spy Ring recreate and immortalize the exploits of intelligence officers and spymasters such as Maj. Benjamin Tallmadge, Lt. Caleb Brewster, and Maj. John André. In the late summer of 1778, Washington’s intelligence services did provide him with reports of British activity in New York City. However, the most reliable source was not Tallmadge but another talented, yet mysterious major named Alexander Clough.

Clough’s life before the Revolutionary War is unknown. He never married or had children. No portraits of Clough exist; however, a Philadelphia woman named Sally Wister described him in her journal as “pretty.”  Clough’s obituary printed in James Rivington’s Royal Gazette indicates that he was a “native of Ireland, formerly an adjutant in the Norwich militia, then a non-commissioned officer in the horse guards.” In addition to his prior service in the British cavalry, Clough was a skilled swordsman. Captain Alexander Graydon of the Continental Army recalled in his memoirs:

I met with Major Clow (or Clough) of Colonel Baylor’s dragoons who had been a pupil of Angelo and others of the best masters in Europe. He soon convinced me that I had still much room for improvement; though he was pleased to assure me that I was by far the best fencer he had met with in America and far superior to Benson, a fencing master in New York.

October 4, 2021

Speaker:    Eric Nelsen, Historian, Author
Topic:        “A Civil War Story of the Men and Their Families from Alpine who Served the                     Union – Part II"

November 1, 2021

Speaker:    Doc Bayne, Historian, Educator 
Topic:        "History of Iona Island”

Charles Dewey
Charles Dewey holds a bachelor’s degree with honors in History with a concentration in military history from the Virginia Military Institute.

He has interned and published articles for the History News Network, and is currently a military intelligence officer in the US Army National Guard and a historical interpreter and educator at Fort Lee Historic Park.

He received the Walter S. Hinman Award for his thesis on the Sterling Ironworks and the creation of the West Point chain. His research interests include intelligence operations, politics, and social changes in the Hudson Valley and the greater New York City area during the Revolution, as well as the influence of American political thought on the French Revolution. 
Illustration from Dominico Angelo's 1765 "School of Fencing" Alexander Clough studied fencing with Angelo