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Photo of Old Burying Ground
by Dr. Davis Ross
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All Lectures Are Held at the Harrington Park Library, 10 Herring Street, Harrington Park, New Jersey 07640 7:30 P.M. - 2nd Floor
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To increase the interest of our community in the arts, to assist all who wish to make an artistic contribution, and to bring the artist and the community-at-large together in a mutually beneficial relationship. To develop, promote, and coordinate the arts at the community level as an expression of Harrington Park’s talents, needs, resources, and aspirations under the auspices of the Harrington Park Historical Society.

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Welcome to the Harrington Park Historical Society - we are glad you are visiting with us on our website!  Please browse around our website to learn more about us and what we do.

We hope you will join us for our ten lecture series on various history subjects that range from local to the far away on interesting historical topics. We meet the first Monday of every month, except July and August, in the Harrington Park Public Library, 2nd floor, at 7:30 P.M.

Typically our meetings include a top notch speaker, question and answer segment, followed by a reception where you can greet our guest and enjoy some refreshment.  Our lecture series is open to everyone and we do not charge a fee to attend.

In addition to our lectures the Society maintains and preserves two historic cemeteries in Harrington Park, namely; the Perry Cemetery, and the Old Burying Ground.  The Perry Cemetery is a small family burial ground located on what was the farm of David Perry (1809-1871). The Old Burying Ground cemetery is part of the land apportioned to Garret Huybertsen Blauvelt, son of one of the original sixteen grantees of the Tappan Patent approved by the Governor of New York in 1686. Although there are believed to be earlier ones, the first known burial was in 1722 and the last in 1905.
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Old Burying Ground
Photo by Dr. Davis Ross
General Meeting, Monday, March 4th
Topic:  “U.S. Grant and the Vicksburg Campaign”

On Monday, March 4th, the Harrington Park Historical Society is delighted to welcome back as their guest lecturer, former Bergen County Executive William “Pat” Schuber, Esq. presenting “U. S. Grant and the Vicksburg Campaign.” There is no cost to attend the lecture starting at 7:30 P.M. in the Harrington Park Library located at 10 Herring Street in Harrington Park.

The Civil War lasted from 1861 to 1865, and is a defining moment in our nation’s existence. To say that it was transformative in our country’s history would be an understatement. Four long years of armed fighting resulted in over 700,000 American deaths. The United States post-war was a much different nation than it was when Abraham Lincoln took the oath of office as President on March 4, 1861. Indeed, the Civil War has often been referred to as the Second American Revolution, as significant changes politically, militarily, and socially came together to forge a new America 
Schuber’s lecture will examine the pivotal campaign waged by Grant from November 1862 through July 1863 for control of the Mississippi River. This major strategic goal of Union war leaders was the most complex campaign of the Civil War. Union commanders such as Grant, Sherman, and Porter would demonstrate leadership skills which would take them to the highest levels of command. 

This campaign marked with significant cooperation between the Union Army and Navy resulted in the fall of Vicksburg and Port Hudson in July 1863. Severed in half, the Confederacy had suffered a catastrophe from which it never really recovered.

Mr. Schuber’s passion, knowledge, and keen interest of American history should make the lecture a standout for all history buffs.

Immediately following Mr. Schuber’s presentation there will be a reception. All lectures are free and open to the public. For more information on the Society and its activities, please contact Gerri Gibney at 201 768-2615, or visit the Society at www.harringtonparkhistoricalsociety.com or on Facebook

Arts Council Concert, Sunday, March 3m 2919 - 5:00 P.M. - St. Andrew's episcopal Church

A concert hosted by the Arts Council of Harrington Park Music Society will be held on Sunday, March 3, 2019, 5:00 P.M. at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, 31 Lynn Street, Harrington Park, New Jersey. The concert is free and open to the public, however, the Society will gladly accept donations to assist them in presenting world-class artists for everyone to enjoy. Immediately following the concert there will be a light reception, including a mix and mingle with the artist.

Mr. Rodriguez is no stranger to the Arts Council audience having performed last year to acclaim with the program “Guitars of the Americas.” The “Christian Science Monitor” wrote; "Tomas Rodriguez plays guitar with a passionate originality, with an individual touch, drawing from the musical heart of the Latin world.” The folk and classical traditions of Spain and South America are richly evident in Rodriguez’ playing, but he transmutes them into a sound clearly, fervently his own".  

Tomas Rodriguez has developed a unique repertoire for his solo guitar performance that is rooted in his ancestry and guided by the diverse styles of music that have inspired him. His programs draw on the folk music of Galicia, Spain, arrangements of the works Venezuelan harp masters Juan Vicente Torrealba and Ignacio Figueredo, interpretations of the compositions of Malian virtuosos Toumani Diabaté, and Ali Farka Touré as well as touching on contemporary flamenco. Rodriguez’ own compositions, emerging from these diverse musical inspirations, include original Brazilian choros, Venezuelan waltzes and flamenco granainas.

Such diverse inspiration is perhaps rooted in his unusual background. Born in Washington D.C., of a Spanish father and a mother from the Appalachian region of Virginia, Rodriguez grew up in New York, New Jersey and Boise, Idaho. As a child he was inspired by his father’s record collection, which included everything from Beethoven to the boleros of Latin crooner Lucho Gatica. He learned to play electric guitar by ear from Jimi Hendrix records, and later came to study classical guitar with Sharon Isbin at the Manhattan School of Music.

Rodriguez’ guitar has captivated audiences nationally and internationally. He has performed concerts at International Festival of the Guitar in Lima, Peru, in New York’s Brooklyn Museum, Merkin Hall, Trinity Church, the New Jersey Center for the Performing Arts (NJPAC), the World Expressions Series at Boise State University and the University of Virginia. He regularly performs steady engagements at the St. Regis, Ritz Carlton and Peninsula Hotels in Manhattan.

Mr. Rodriguez is also a dedicated music educator. He founded and directed an innovative after-school guitar program at one of New York’s largest Latino social service organizations, utilizing music from Latin America and Spain to teach basic guitar skills to Latino young people. He is also a registered Suzuki guitar instructor who maintains a private studio serving over 15 families in Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan.

For more information about the Harrington Park Arts Council and its activities, please contact Gerri Gibney at 201 768-2615. Or visit the Arts Council on Facebook or on their website; www.artscouncilofharringtonpark.com. 

​William "Pat Schuber

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Mr. Schuber is currently Assistant Professor at the School of Administrative Science at Fairleigh Dickinson University. He lectures frequently on government, law, military history, historical leadership, ethics, communication and conflict resolution. He has written many scholarly articles and co-authored books on topics of history, leadership and Homeland Security. A Captain in the US Army Reserve (Ret.), his extensive travels have given him a bird’s eye view of historical sites and situations all over the world.